What Is

System Room

For today’s requirements, uninterrupted working hardware and infrastructure are needed. Possible damages arising from the electronic infrastructure cause the today’s technological age to be negatively affected in many respects, and critical situations that are of vital importance may occur, and the effects of which will be very difficult in terms of both cost and time. For this reason, today, we need to create continuous areas without being affected by these situations and without being damaged. These areas are called the Information Processing or System room.

Despite the fact that many technological needs that make our lives easier are a problem, system rooms are the main center of all measures and operation, and they have become the most valuable areas of today, which contain all the data needed, intervene when necessary and provide a fast work flow.

While technology rises with a rapid acceleration in many respects, the requirements and operations in order to provide many small and large service factors operating in many corporate or private areas are archived without any problems through devices in these rooms. In short, our past is protected and updated by our future system rooms, making us different and advantageous.