What Is


Bitrix24 is a popular cloud-based collaboration platform and customer relationship management (CRM) system developed by Bitrix, Inc. It is designed to help businesses and teams manage their projects, communications, and interactions with customers in an integrated and efficient manner.

What Is

Bitrix24 Development

If you need to use existing modules Bitriks24 together with the structure and processes that are specific to your activities

This option may arise as a result of a detailed analysis of your work with Bitrix24, as the most optimal solution for automating your business. We will help analyse your problem and make a decision.



Lead Distrubitions


Product Catalog

Relationship Management

Task & Project Management

Real Time Communication

Depending on your resources, it is automatically shared between users or groups that we designate your various customers. As a result of these processes, you can evaluate the performance of your resources and employees and shape your marketing strategy to a high extent.

In conjunction with system elements, various automatic operations can be performed; Depending on the source, all the time-consuming processes that you need in the system, from assigning automatic responsible persons, assigning tasks, automatic document creation and various recording processes to archiving, are done in a few seconds.

Bitrix24 also includes its own product catalog, which is an important part of the customer relations and sales process. Products can be categorized and have a number of setting options in the system (tax rates, units of measure, currency) as well as customization options for fields and attributes. They connect with possible opportunity and deal objects in the system and give a more detailed view of actual sales.

Perform analysis, and segment the target audience.

You can create, assign or delegate tasks for yourself.

Instant messaging, group chat and video conferencing.